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Molly York, heir to the York diamond empire and pretty young thing; found dead this morning in the family estate. There’s no doubt it’s a murder - and it’s my job to uncover the culprit.

Rei Hino. Makes money by moving money. Invested in the York business; word around town is she wasn’t happy with the way that was turning out. She’s got motive, but this dame just seems too frigid for any crimes of passion.

Mina Hart. Even I’ve heard of this one. Her face - and other body parts - make it into the tabloids on the daily. Never really sure what for. She moved in the same circles as Molly, and a while back they had something of a public falling-out when some other broad got picked over her to be the “face” of York jewellery.

Macy Oak. The gardener. There’s an awful liar if ever I saw one. She’s got no motive for the murder, but the way she fidgets, I know she’s hiding something.

Amy Rivers. Family doctor that had been living at the estate for a while. Molly had been complaining about feeling run down, out of energy, that kinda stuff. Doting mother and hypochondriac daughter must’ve been a pretty sweet setup for her. Problem was, Molly was starting to feel better. I wouldn’t peg the doc as the killer type, but I could imagine something going wrong in an attempt to make Molly feel a little less well.

Serena Warren. Maid and the daughter of Molly’s childhood nanny; apparently, the two were thick as thieves since they were kids. She seems distraught, and she sure cries enough, but ain’t it always the one you least suspect…

Tags: #tw: violence #Sailor Moon #animated .gif #AU #anyway this is just a thing #that I thought would be fun #Sailor Moon Murder Mystery AU #and such!! #don't read too much into it #fanart #Hunter's Moon #sailorfailures art

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