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Mimic Pokemon

This Pokemon sleeps as often as it can to enjoy dreaming. It can only be roused from its deep slumber by the smell of sweet foods.
When awake, it likes to mimic others, but it’s not very good at it.

Evolves with Happiness.

Rebellion Pokemon

A precocious Pokemon with a quick temper. After evolving from its sleepy self, it seems full of energy. Does not easily warm up to new trainers.

Evolves with a Moon Stone.

Serene Pokemon

A calm, gentle and nurturing Pokemon with healing abilities. Its soothing guidance towards others makes it a natural leader. However, it is slow and easily tricked.

Edit: Read this

Tags: #Sailor Moon #Pokemon #crossover #also does anyone know if there's a 'fakemon' tag on Pixiv? #fakemon #fanart #Chibi Chibi #sailorfailures art

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