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Sailor Moon A to Z, MoTD Style: Kyurene

Hey! Remember that A to Z thing I was doing a while ago? With the monsters? That I stopped? I didn’t stop! I just took a very long break.
For K, here’s Kyurene, one of my favourite MoTD from one of my favourite episodes ever. It’s just got such a cool, gritty, “film noir” feel to it. Kyurene herself is also super cool, though aspects of her actual design may have left a little to be desired.

Kyurene’s initial task was to take a cassette tape, embedded with Jadeite’s special energy-draining sound waves, and place it in the recording equipment of the Jam Records studio, causing all music recorded there to carry the deadly frequency. Unfortunately, a woman named Akiko mistook the tape for a demo by jazz pianist Yusuke Amade, and gave it “back” to him - thus Kyurene’s mission became hunting down Yusuke to steal the tape back, lest Jadeite destroy her.
Kyurene’s design was obviously based on a bat, and she had several bat-themed abilities. Apart from speed and flight, she could summon hordes of bats, extend her fingernails into rapier-like talons, and volley destructive sonar blasts from her expanded wings. After an unsuccessful attempt by Kyurene to hold Akiko hostage, Jadeite’s tape was destroyed, and Kyurene fled for her life to a nearby concert hall, Sailor Moon close behind. After some quick thinking, Sailor Moon threw a microphone into Kyurene’s destructive sound blast; amplifiers shot it back two-fold at Kyurene, weakening her and allowing her to be finished off by Sailor Moon’s tiara.
TRIVIA: Kyurene was a minor level boss in the Sailor Moon arcade side-scrolling beat-em-up game, appearing in the same junk yard where she communicated with Jadeite through a pile of old TVs. When the player came close to defeating her, she would escape to a nearby Tokyo Tower-like building, where the second round would begin.

Tags: #Dark Kingdom #Kyurene #MoTD #Negaverse #Sailor Moon #Sailor Moon A to Z #photoset #animated .gif

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    Here’s another piece of Trivia. The voice actress for Kyurene, was none other than Emi Shinohara aka Sailor Jupiter,...
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